Portion Ctrl App Creators
Portion Ctrl App Creators

Welcome to Portion Ctrl App Creators

Exclusive access to classes, training, and networking within app and business development!

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About Me

My name is Michael Wilson and I am the Founder of Portion Ctrl Apps. I have developed and worked in the Field of Engineering for 6 years. I made my first mobile app while in college and fell in love with all the possibilities and the things I could create. I want to share my findings and skills with others so they can create as well. 

A few years ago I became discouraged when seeing companies charging $10,000+ for an app that would only take me less than $500 to make. So now I want to empower others to do the same. Join this journey with me and together we will make amazing things.

Why You Should Join Me

Members of the group will receive:

-Full mobile app designs from start to finish
-Classes on how to create an app from scratch 
-Marketing classes for mobile apps
-Investor Buyout training 
-Making income from your app daily training
-Community culture to share ideas safely 
-Opportunity to be a part of new technology advances 
created by Portion Ctrl Apps
-Investment advice for startups
-Business Financial Consultations
-Business Credit Consultations and so much more!